Posted by Tina Hoang 30 November This Thanksgiving weekend, Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday deals brought an astounding number of motivated customers to retailers across the US. How do you create this kind of excitement and demand for your brand during the rest of the holiday season and throughout the year? Getty Images via Business Insider. With the surge of online sales and the growing role of mobile in consumer purchasing processit has become clear that retailers need a strong online presence, mobile-friendly brand experiences and checkout points in order to stay competitive.

Here are ten proven examples of how top retailers and brands have used promotions like online giveaways, sweepstakes and contests and the power of social media to build brand affinity and boost sales throughout the year.

Yes, all of these Strutta-powered promotions are mobile-friendly! Talk about measurable social media ROI. Crate and Barrel gained 5 million in gift registry creation through two turns of this social media-driven photo contest. View the case study. The Ask: Submit three photos, answer three specific brand-related questions and create a gift registry with Crate and Barrel with a minimum ofworth of items.

Prizes: 19 total; 1 grand prize winning couple got 00, to live out their dream wedding with help from a celebrity wedding planner; 1 runner-up gotto spend at Crate and Barrel; 1 second runner-up gotto spend at Crate and Barrel; 15 couples earned honorable mentions andto spend at Crate and Barrel; the top voted couple gotto spend at Crate and Barrel. As a bonus and gesture of thanks, Crate and Barrel gave gift cards to all entrants when the contest was over.

Selection Process: Voting and Judging; the top voted entries were named finalists and a panel of judges selected the winners based on a set of criteria. The 1, gorgeous submitted shots brought inpage views and nearly 15, votes.

Go to the contest site. The Ask: Like-gated voting; Like Seventh Generation and contribute to your favorite charity simply by voting. Prizes: The charity with the most votes received 5, second place received 5, and third place received 0, Seventh Generation aligned itself with three Canadian charities and had its community help choose how to allocate 0, Seventh Generation motivated its community to act collectively and contribute to causes that they cared about.

See the case study. The Ask: Tag photos of you doing fun things in your Native Shoes with keepitlite on Twitter or Instagram to participate. Prizes: 3 total; first prize winner got shoes for a year 12 pairssecond prize winner got shoes for 6 months 6 pairs and third prize winner got shoes for 3 months 3 pairs.

11 Creative Sales Contest Ideas and Why They Work

Jewelry Information Center runs contests regularly through its website. This campaign which was targeted at increasing website traffic and connecting with recently engaged couples drew entries and over 35, page views. Go to Facebook Contest App.

in store contest ideas

Prizes: 4 total; 1 grand prize winner got a Sony Cyber-Shot Camera and Eye-Fi Pro products with a value of 80; 3 runners-up received Eye-Fri products with values ranging from 0 to Online fashion retailer Top Floor keeps its Facebook fans hyped by offering discounts and quick giveaways each month. Leading up to Christmas, bop it!

This giveaway worked in a fun game: entrants had to identify how many bop it!

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Go to bop it! Surface Hair called on professional hair stylists to upload a photo of their best look using Surface Hair products. The Ask: Submit a photo of your best look using Surface Hair products and tell how the look was achieved and which Surfair Hair products were used.Well, your staff are all doing well on their performance evaluations. Motivating employees pushes them to work harder and wiser, and the better they perform, the better your sales goals will, too.

While those are good motivators for your already hard-working employees, they tend to exclude your middle-ground or struggling-to-earn staff. See if they can outperform their previous week, month, quarter, or year of sales. While your staff are hard at work competing against each other, leads will be pouring in. Make everyone contact a minimum number of leads every day. The winner is the person who has the most conversions during the contest period.

The prizes should range from small to big. Every time a goal is met or a sale is made, let your staff member choose his own balloon. Be creative. One way to motivate your staff is to come up with an incentive where the boss has to do something for the winner. Be sure to be clear on how to measure who wins.

Your staff will really work hard for this idea! Are you looking for an opportunity where your staff can compete against themselves? Set measurable goals for every employee. For every day or week that they hit their targets, give them a set number of raffle tickets. At the end of the contest period, prizes are raffled off, and the winners are chosen at random.

Your staff will be less motivated to work hard if they only get to park in the special spot for one week. Allow the winner of your current contest to search through your sales contest ideas and choose whichever they like best.

Your staff will work harder to have the upper hand in the next round of competition. If your office hits whatever goal they set for the month, everyone in the office wins a prize.

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Your staff will be forced to help each other work on performance. Bonus points if you let the team choose the winning prize before the competition begins.

in store contest ideas

Is your office filled with baseball, basketball, or football fans?But the benefits of contests and giveaways extend beyond the buzz around the event itself. Contests and giveaways are also appealing to retailers because of their flexibility. You can spend as much or as little as you want, both on the prize itself and your marketing efforts behind it.

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Results vary, but when done right, they can reap serious rewards. So, without further ado, here are more than a dozen ideas to help retailers host their own successful contests to boost customer engagement and conversions. Shopify POS is the most versatile system for unifying your in-store and online sales. Learn more. They partnered with influencers, mostly parents, and asked questions that evoked emotion and touched on how important the holidays are to families.

Play every day for a chance to win LandsEnd eGift cards! T-Mobile also joined in on the holiday spirit with their 12 Days of Magenta contest. Each day for twelve days, T-Mobile gave away a product, such as headphones, smartphones, and wireless speakers.

Prompts were less personal and more product-based, mostly asking customers how they would use the products if they were to win the contest. Day 2! Who would you stream through your beatsbydre Solo3Wireless?? The key takeaway from these examples is to join in on conversations that are already happening, and put a spin on it that makes sense for your brand.

This engagement can be in the form of likes, shares, follows, posts, comments, mentions — virtually any type of social interaction with your brand. Want to learn more about how social media can help drive sales?

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in store contest ideas

Get started. Explore your options to see what might work for you. While running a social contest may seem like an overwhelming task at first blush, there's a multitude of tools and plugins available to make setting up such giveaways a snap.

Each social media channel also has specific guidelines retailers must follow in order to host a contest or giveaway on their site. Read up on their guidelines below:. The winner received a monetary reward and the bragging rights to having a beer can design in their portfolio.

Apparel companies and new businesses can benefit from this particularly. Award the winner of your choosing or use a voting mechanism to determine the winning name.

Have you ever gone to trivia at a local bar?Retail sales offers a competitive work environment, especially during tough economic times. Retail managers can take advantage of the competitive nature of their salespeople to increase sales through the use of fun motivational ideas and games. Salespeople can work to achieve individual sales goals or ones that pit them against other salespeople in the store. In mini golf, the salesperson receives a daily sales goal.

If the goal is met, the salesperson has achieved par, and receives four strokes for the day. Other stroke totals are awarded based on how far over or under the salesperson fares in relation to the sales goal. The winner is the salesperson with the lowest score at the end of the "round. During Halloween, keep a bag filled with "goodies" like cash, gift certificates or tickets to concerts or sporting events.

The top salesperson each day gets to reach into the bag and pull out a random prize. For a Thanksgiving promotion, award feathers each time a salesperson sells a particular item or meets a specific goal. When salespeople receive a total of eight feathers, they have made a complete turkey and are awarded a free Thanksgiving turkey. In retail hockey, salespeople can score up to three "goals" per day.

Goal categories include meeting daily sales goals, average customer spend goals and for selling specific products. Salespeople who fail to meet their overall weekly sales volume goal spend time in the "penalty box," meaning they lose three goals. The winner is the salesperson with the most goals at the end of the month.

In Bottoms Up! A "Glass of Beer" is a one-point product, a "Glass of Wine" is a two-point product, and a "Glass of Whiskey" is a three-point products. The salesperson with the most points, or "drinks" at the end of the shift is deemed the winner. Chris Joseph writes for websites and online publications, covering business and technology. Share It.In-store retail marketing is a key success factor for supermarkets and food brands alike, and Perry Abbenante knows a thing or two about retail marketing.

When he was at Pretzel Crisps, Perry shared what he did to help the brand drive sales at the point of purchase, as well as other tactical and strategic advice. In-store promotions are a must-have element of a successful brand, according to Perry. You won't save money You will lose shelf placement. Developing winning in-store promotions starts with a good relationship with retail buyers for stores.

If you ask them what you can do to support them and their merchandising programs, you're more likely to get more shoppers near your product. The retailer may then be more inclined to support you in the future. Create in-store displays that stop the shopper. Focus on making displays big, colorful, and simple, according to Abbenante.

He recommended including an assortment of your best-selling products in a display, basing the colors around the colors of the packaging, and creating vertical or horizontal blocks. It should also be big enough to attract attention.

Successful displays also need to be shoppable. Ensure that the customer can grab multiple products without the display falling apart. If the display is in a high-volume store, make sure it will look OK without being constantly replenished.

Getting existing customers to purchase more during a given shopping trip is the lifeblood of consumer foods.

Contests For Facebook Business Page

Abbenante explained how he's used promotional price points to get more Pretzel Crisps into consumers' pantries. Most retailers have accepted the multiple-price-point mantra," he said. If you have a two-for deal, you will almost guarantee that every customer will buy the multiple.

Another way to help convince customers to buy more of your product at a time is to position it as a multiuse product. For example, with Pretzel Crisps, Abbenante said, "In addition to being a great standalone snack, it's great for dipping and can be paired with meat, cheese, fruit, or veggies. An example of this is the Tortellini Delight Slider on a Pretzel Crisp, which shows we are a great base for an appetizer. Our demos show people how to use it in more than one way. Abbenante also noted that social media can help brands demonstrate the multiple uses of products with recipes, images, and videos.

Discounts don't need to be huge to draw customers. They just have to be relevant and compelling enough to prompt people to act. Think about what would incentivize your target consumers when deciding how much to discount. Abbenante also noted that the same applies for temporary price reductions. Sometimes just a cent price reduction will do it because the tag attracts attention.

You could also try partnering with another brand on a deal to draw customers. Abbenante said that he partnered with a company to run a promotion that offered a free container of hummus with the purchase of two bags of Pretzel Crisps.

By Full Bio Follow Linkedin. He has extensive, executive-level food industry experience. Read The Balance's editorial policies.Contests are a fun and inexpensive way to build buzz for your business. Everyone loves to win free stuff! The media loves contests too, and if you do it right, your company can garner thousands of dollars in free publicity just by running a contest! Secondly, everyone who enters the contest become a prospect for your business!

Make sure you send contestants to your website where they must submit at least a name and email address to enter. In your rules, make sure you state that by entering, they are agreeing to receive email communication from your company. The keys to running a successful contest are to make it easy for people to enter, make it newsworthy, have valuable prizes, you can enlist other business owners to go in with youspread the word, and make it fun!

Here are 29 creative contest ideas that will build buzz for your business and help you get noticed by prospective customers and the media alike! Ugliest Contest. Makeover Contest: Makeovers are very popular and they can be used in a variety of situations. The possibilities are endless: vacation, family photo shoot, gift baskets, jewelry, home makeover, Queen for a Day, etc.

Man or Woman of the Year. You get to name the criteria for winning. Makes a person wonder who you are and gets attention! The students had to be nominated by a teacher or a counselor and had to have economic need. The contest not only generated the doctor free publicity, but enormous good will in the community, which turned into many new patients!

Special Holiday Contest: Contests for special or unusual holidays are a popular way to get noticed. Have a No grump zone, hold a laughing contest, have people submit their funniest or most embarrassing moment. Special Week Contest. Have contestants send photos of their favorite pet, sponsor a pet fashion show, or the most unusual pet contest.

Since most people love to eat, you could sponsor a barbecue cooking contest, or have people nominate their favorite barbecue restaurant. Now that sounds like fun! Patriotic Contest: Have contestants write a patriotic essay, or submit a patriotic photo, or nominate a patriotic person.

This could be run in conjunction with a patriotic holiday such as Memorial Day or 4 th of July. Why do they do it? This type of contest works great if you own a publication, or are an advertising or marketing company, but just about any company can do it.

The winner gets free product!

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From hotdogs to pizza, to jello, etc. You can have a lot of fun with this one! Did you know that Nathans Famous Hot Dogs has been running their world famous contest for over 93 years? The original event was a promotion by a cleaning company to feature their cleaning product!Motivated employees make happy customers.

As part of your organizational business and retail sales plan, motivating your staff should be a priority. What can you do to drive them towards their best performance? You know how it works—spin the wheel and pick a letter. If you pick a letter that's on the board, you get the corresponding amount on the wheel. If you solve the puzzle, you get to keep the cash and prizes you've accumulated.

20 Sales Contest Ideas Guaranteed to Motivate Your Team

Use whatever prizes make the most sense for your business. This can include clothing, gift cards, candy, beauty products, or food. You can use a cardboard circle, then create pie pieces with a marker and cut out colored pieces of cardboard with the prizes written on them to create a colorful wheel. Be as creative as you can. Then, let your employees spin that wheel!

Still, retail employees can lose motivation if they can't realistically meet those types of goals.

in store contest ideas

Not every employee will be motivated by the same thing. So, it's important to focus on specific types of goals that can work well within specific contexts. As your retail staff meets one goal, they build up the confidence to reach for the next level up. Also, with smaller goals—such as weekly goals—you keep your retail staff engaged with your sales incentive ideas. Instead of setting a billion-dollar quota, think of getting 50 new customers this week.

Perhaps you can make it a team effort. Every 50 customers is another step towards reaching that billion-dollar quota. Then, reward the team that reaches the weekly goal with a party or even the afternoon off. Let your employees go fishing for motivating prizes. One of the easiest ways to motivate your retail staff is through sales incentive programs.

Even with a limited budget, the end result is still positive. Employees are more motivated when they are rewarded and recognized for their work. So, write down some relevant and sought-after prizes onto pieces of paper or even paper fish cutouts.

Then, put them in a fishbowl. Create a bold and colorful sign to highlight your game. Use a rod, branch, or stick to let your employees "go fishing" when they meet their goals. It's also important to use prizes your staff will find rewarding and useful. With this game, you can choose a daily goal and let everyone know when their shift begins.

Maybe the goal is to sell more black t-shirts. The buck continues to get passed until the end of the shift.